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HASHTAG, a unique organization

HASHTAG is unique company involved in 3 interconnected

business portfolios;

  1. YouTube Management Network – commonly known as MCN business
  2. Influencer or KOL marketing
  3. Digital Productions
HASHTAG, a unique organization
Why Choose Us

Youtube Management (MCN Business)


We operate hundreds of channels in Pakistan and Southeast Asia region that includes top from sports, entertainment, comedy, kids content, news, devotional, podcasts, vlogs and other genres.


we render Content ID services ranging from copyrights infringement tracking, copyrights strikes management, UGC tracking, setting up custom policy, GEO blocking etc.


Our Service Scope includes monetizing, complete channel management operations including optimizations, video editing, custom thumbnails & catchy titles.


we offer advise on content creation for robust growth and our Network Strength offers unique opportunity for content’s cross promotion.


Influencer Marketing

HASHTAG specializes in digital influencer marketing/content integration business providing Smart Integration Ideas for better brand exposure.

We have worked on campaigns for highly reputed brands like Free Fire, Lipton, TAPAL, Easy Paisa, Car First, Realme, Huawei, Snack video etc.

We have executed enormous number of social media campaigns engaging hundreds of influencers on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Snack Video.

We have a deep penetration in the influencer community and enjoy great reputation and mutual respect with creators across the board.

You can reach out to for Influencer marketing campaigns at

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Digital Productions

HASHTAG's in-house production team has been extensively involved in internal and external digital productions. We specialize in producing Web series, Short Films, Talk shows, Game shows, Music Videos and DVC's

We help our clients with concept building, scripting, and complete production and post production.

We have produced several projects for international clients like Free Fire & Snack Video.

Our Expertise

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